Quinlan Kyp-Johnson

Currently based in the Chicagoland area I started ​freelancing in filmmaking in 2006. I worked mainly in the ​documentary and dance arenas. In 2015 I shifted my ​efforts toward providing content both media and ​graphics design to small businesses developing my skills ​in communication and working with clients who needed ​my help. Still freelancing in content creation, I have ​now added a UX Design certificate to my education. I ​have worked in a wide range of companies and fields ​which only makes me a wiser, stronger candidate for ​any position I hope to take on.

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References: Kevin Dobbeck

Maribeth Dillman

Cindy Cunningham




Quinlan Kyp-Johnson


Past CLients:

HUbbard Street Dance Chicago

Vargo’s Dance

Tinker Bellz Glass Art

Waterstreet Studios Ceramics

Casey’s Safe Haven Horse Rescue